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Vinyl Cutter
Self-Maintenance Kit CAMM-1/ CAMM-1 PRO

By investing in a Roland device you’ve bought the best. Now keep it running at its best with our easy-to-use self-maintenance kits.
The kits contain a range of parts and simple-to-follow instructions for you to maintain your Roland device and ensure premium performance year after year.
Roland Vinyl Cutter Self-Maintenance Kit

Cut like new!

Self-maintenance kits are available for our CAMM-1/ CAMM-1 PRO GX, GR and GS range of cutters. The kit includes:

• Cutter pad
• Blade holder
• Pinch roller (M)
• Pinch roller (LR)
• Sheet cutter blade set
• E-ring holder*
• O-ring holder*
*not included in GR Series kits

Roland Vinyl Cutter Self-Maintenance Kit

Keep your Roland vinyl cutter cutting like new

Maintenance is required to avoid cut quality issues.



Degradation of pinch rollers 

When the surface of the pinch roller deteriorates and it becomes impossible to feed a vinyl sheet evenly, the start and end points will not match. 


Degradation of the cutter protection strip 

If the surface of the cutter protection strip is scraped and the cutter blade enters the groove, blade jumping and a wavy cut will occur.


Bearing degradation 

If the bearings inside the cutter blade holder are depleted, your graphics cannot be cut correctly.


Cutter blade wear 

If the cutter blade is worn out, edge stripping and blade jumping will occur.

To ensure the performance of your Roland DG vinyl cutter order your self-maintenance kit now.