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VersaEXPRESS RF-640 Accessories


Model Description
 ESL5-CY  ECO-SOL MAX3 Ink Cyan, 220cc
 ESL5-MG  ECO-SOL MAX3 Ink Magenta, 220cc
 ESL5-YE  ECO-SOL MAX3 Ink Yellow, 220cc
 ESL5-BK  ECO-SOL MAX3 Ink Black, 220cc
 ESL5-5CY  ECO-SOL MAX3 Ink Cyan, 500cc
 ESL5-5MG  ECO-SOL MAX3 Ink Magenta, 500cc
 ESL5-5YE  ECO-SOL MAX3 Ink Yellow, 500cc
 ESL5-5BK  ECO-SOL MAX3 Ink Black, 500cc
 SL-CL  Cleaning liquid cartridge, 220cc, 1pc


 Cleaning Kit, 100 cc cleaning fluid, 10 swabs
 11849102  Sheet cut blades, 25 pcs