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Walter Zerla Photography**   |   Italy

Zerla is an internationally renowned professional photographer with an outstanding career in advertising, fashion, and design. His works are used in a variety of situations such as offices, hotels, showrooms, and other interior design.

Roland DG's technology has allowed a novice user like me to achieve incredible results right from the start. I am very satisfied with the best image quality and accurate colour reproduction.


  • He wanted to establish a new technique of expression by printing his photography on diverse materials.
  • He was looking for a product that could precisely reproduce the tones and depth of colour of a photograph when printing on three-dimensional objects.


  • New expressive techniques, such as backlit and large format canvases, decorative panels, and printing on wood have expanded the range of his work.
  • It is now possible to produce exactly what he imagined with accurate colour reproduction and the quality of photographic expression to print fine details precisely.
  • In addition to the product features, he is happy with the support which allows him to use the product with peace of mind.
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