The Art of Building a Custom Print Business

Reimagines   |   America

Elizabeth Schroer, a former high school teacher, started her custom print business on her dining room table. Her company now ships to all 50 states and 17 different countries. Reimagines sells a variety of one-of-a-kind items printed with artists' designs.

Roland DG printers can print on a variety of three-dimensional objects with accurate colours. Our customers are very satisfied with our customised products that are produced exactly as they imagined.


  • She wanted to expand her product lineup with attractive items that could be sold throughout the year.
  • She needed to be able to print directly on objects with high-quality ink that was durable and scratch-resistant.


  • The product lineup has been expanded with the ability to print directly on a wide variety of items. In addition, the optional Rotary Rack attachment enables printing on cylindrical objects such as candle holders and bottles.
  • High adhesion, abrasion resistance, and ink safety compliance were achieved, fulfilling important requirements for top-selling products such as customised lunch boxes and notebooks.
  • Gloss ink allows for matte expressions and embossing with a three-dimensional feel, making it possible to create unique gifts.
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Create Value with Direct Printing

Introducing VersaOBJECT from Roland DG - a comprehensive solution that enables anyone to easily print directly onto 3D objects made of a variety of materials.