Responding to Orders of As Little As One Unit with Low-cost and High-quality Products


They develop, manufacture, and sell a wide range of products, including remote controls, free-standing robots, electronic kits, printed circuit boards, CPU boards, etc. They accept orders for as little as one remote control and offer customised products to meet customer needs.

We are now able to meet small lot orders. The Roland DG device produces high-quality colour prints and is very accurate, so we are very satisfied with it.


  • The company was unable to perform design prototyping in-house, so they outsourced the work.
  • They could not meet the small lot requirements of their customers.


  • It is now possible to perform low-cost, high-quality prototyping in-house.
  • Customisation to meet customer needs is now possible, enabling the company to provide high-quality products at low prices even for orders of just one unit.
  • The range of business has expanded including the production of original products utilising the company's own technology.
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Create Value with Direct Printing

Introducing VersaOBJECT from Roland DG - a comprehensive solution that enables anyone to easily print directly onto 3D objects made of a variety of materials.