Wizzprint.com builds a successful business with Roland DG’s desktop solutions

Wizzprint.com - Mark & Chloe Robson   |   Oxfordshire

Business owners, Mark & Chloe Robson.
Business owners, Mark & Chloe Robson.

Wizzprint.com is an Oxfordshire-based family business, with owner Mark Robson running production and his wife Chloe taking charge of the creative elements of the branded print and embroidery clothing business.

In-house personalised artwork services enable Wizzprint.com to create and supply business cards, flyers, banners, and various types of signage. Moreover, the business' branded stickers and labels provide customers with a one-stop source for any print and embroidering requirements, from high-quality workwear to events and sportswear clothing.

The Robsons first got involved in the printing business when encouraged by their friends who had retired from their embroidery businesses. After attending an introductory garment decorating course at digital printing solutions provider, Roland DG’s UK Headquarters, they purchased a VersaSTUDIO BN-20 print and cut desktop printer/cutters for high-quality print and cut output, from stickers and labels to heat transfer garments.

“As a small business, we needed a printer with a small footprint, alongside high-print quality. The BN-20 is a reliable workhorse and produces exceptional output from its specified printhead. It is competitively priced and desktop-sized for like-minded entrepreneurs to accommodate in almost any room", he says.

Branded T-shirt
Branded T-shirt.

More than just print machinery: affordable, easy-to-use, and versatile

Due to its compact nature and multi-functionality, Roland DG’s VersaSTUDIO BN-20 is an uncontested choice for the business.

The desktop inkjet printer not only produces a premium quality product but is also reliable and simple to use.
The machine’s integrated printing and contour cutting function is perfect for creating personalised T-shirt graphics, poster prints, stickers, and decals – all from the comfort of one’s home.

“You can turn out a quick and professional finish, in high or low volume, which means you capture many different types of opportunities", comments Mark.

“We are really pleased to maintain a high customer retention rate due to the machine's versatility. Once our clientele finds out that we also do business cards, flyers, stickers, and many other things, they join the dots and understand that they can have an end-to-end supplier for everything they need under one roof".

Roland DG's support services have been instrumental in the company's growth, providing Wizzprint.com with a solid foundation of assistance, from machine to software interfaces, empowering start-ups to build a profitable business and turn their imagination into reality.

“You quickly get to know the people you are talking to, and it feels relaxed and friendly yet very professional", explains Mark.

Branded Uniform and Stickers
Branded Uniform and Stickers.

Powerful, profit-producing print devices

The BN-20 demonstrates how these solutions can give anyone the tools to create a range of value-added items that start-ups want to pay for and own. But now that the business has come out of the launch phase, Mark intends to transition to larger-width models within Roland DG’s offering to meet higher production requirements and increase printing speed.

“The BN-20 is the perfect business launching device at an affordable price, but as the business grows, finding good printing partners is essential, and when you do, you tend to stick within them, and they with you, which is why Roland DG’s upgrades and additions are on the cards", explains Mark.

To find out more about Roland DG’s VersaSTUDIO BN-20 or see the full range of UV printers, please visit rolanddg.eu