FREE GUIDE: Explore UV printing for product personalisation

UV printing is one of the most flexible and exciting print processes ever created, and its uses are almost limitless.

It has rapidly become an essential tool for sign makers, graphics producers, advertising agencies, designers, retailers, packaging specialists, commercial printers and start-ups. UV allows direct printing onto a breathtaking array of surfaces and shapes: just add some imagination. Gadgets, electronics, ceramics, promotional items, stationery, awards, gifts, fashion, sports and homeware are just some of the commercial sectors touched by the UV magic wand.


Print CMYK directly to laptop covers with special gloss highlight effects 

Personalisation is big business and digital UV printing is a fantastic way to meet this increasing demand for limited runs of unique and decorated products. Go beyond visual designs to add sophisticated textures and exciting special effects, directly to the product. Try decorating bottles, picture frames, pens, phone cases, keyrings, USB sticks, golf balls, notepads, photo blocks, awards and more with vibrant colours and outstanding gloss, matt, textured and 3D effects.

Photo blocks are a popular application for uv benchtop printers 

For inspiration and advice, we've created an in-depth guide, available to download for free. Over its 40 pages you'll learn more about these personalisation ideas and over 100 others, across more than 30 potential markets. There's information on compatible materials – from metal and glass to wood and canvas and many, many, more – and the different VersaUV LEF systems available to help you create incredible personalised products, whatever the size of your business. As it's free to download, it's well worth spending some time reading more about this profitable area of print.



Create stunning signs for businesses or special events 

Indeed, the Deloitte Consumer Review*, compiled using YouGov research, found that over half the British adults polled expressed an interest in buying customised products or services – and would be willing to pay more for them. Half of the poll's respondents also believed that customised products make better gifts and more than 40% prefer to buy something unique.

Get personal and print directly onto everyday gadgets like headphones 

"Businesses that do not incorporate an element of personalisation into their offering risk losing revenue and customer loyalty," the report concluded – a warning, but also a clear opportunity for printers. These statistics speak for themselves.

Even those who already offer screen and pad printing are enjoying a healthy return from the addition of UV's liberating simplicity, speed and cost-effectiveness. The question is not whether to invest in a UV printer, it's how much you should invest, and what printer model best suits your needs.

Print directly to leather to customise handbags purses and wallets 

The free guide to UV printing walks you through the different benchtop VersaUV LEF devices available from Roland and how a variety of businesses are already using this innovative, direct-print technology to create a mind-boggling array of output. Discover the VersaUV LEF-12i, a compact UV printer at an affordable price point for businesses of any size and budget getting started in UV print through to Roland’s biggest and best-selling benchtop UV printer, the VersaUV LEF-300.

Whether you're looking to offer your existing customers something different, diversify to attract new clients or even start a new business, there's a VersaUV printer for you. We all know that a dose of vitamin D from exposure to the sun's UV rays is essential for physical wellbeing. Exposure to UV printing can do the same for your business. Download our free guide, Digital Benchtop UV Printing: What Will You Print?, to discover more.

Download your free 40 page UV direct printing guide today 

This Roland guide demonstrates how UV printing opens the door to a world of possibilities. Roland is passionate about providing you with three important things: sound information, honest advice and a wide range of UV printing machines to choose from. The rest is up to you.

This guide focuses on Roland’s VersaUV LEF series benchtop flatbed printers, however if you’re interested in ultimate UV print production, check out our latest addition to the family – the VersaUV S-Series.


* Deloitte Consumer Review