metal bottle printing

Different ways to customise metal substrates and objects

Gone are the days when vinyl wraps and decals were the only way to customise metal substrates and objects. Thanks to innovative developments in imaging technology, designers and graphics suppliers have a choice of systems and finishes. From VersaUV flatbeds to Texart dye-sublimation printers to MPX-95 impact printers, there's a Roland device available to create the perfect personalisation on these formerly tricky materials. Here are just a few of the possibilities – what would you print?

Go old school or futuristic

Modernise retro metal containers

Personalise the retro look of metal lunchboxes with a Roland VersaUV S-Series flatbed printers, able to print unique designs, on demand, onto products up to 200mm high. It's also fantastic technology for the packaging sector, creating eye-catching tins.

Turn ordinary items into extraordinary gifts

Business card holders, USB sticks and dog tags are just some of the thousands of giftware items you could modernise with metal. Using Roland's selection of desktop and large-format UV flatbed devices, you can transform your service portfolio by printing customised graphics directly onto metal items.

The RotaPrint accessory helps you bring cylindrical items to life

The Roland VersaUV LEF printer range is perfect for creating packaging prototypes and customised products, and with a RotaPrint accessory you can even print onto cylindrical items like sports bottles and cans – both thriving markets.

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Dye-sublimation and ChromaLuxe: perfect for artists

Chromaluxe metal panels are ideal for artwork, printed with Texart

For larger applications and business with artistic leanings, Roland Texart dye-sublimation printers are exciting pieces of technology. Print photographs and artwork on Texart, heat-transfer them onto Chromaluxe metal panels, and create perfect pieces ready to hang. Vibrantly colourful and with pearlescent finish, photographic imagery will really stand out.

Make an impact with MPX

Personalisation adds even more value to luxury gifts

To produce a traditional finish quickly and easily, choose modern technology. The Roland Metaza MPX-95 impact printer allows you to engrave silver, gold, platinum and other luxury metals with text, monograms, custom designs and even accurate photographs. Products like hip flasks, jewellery and Swiss army knives, personalised for the recipient, are high-value items to be kept for a lifetime.

There's a choice of graphics customisation devices from Roland, designed to allow your business to explore a vast range of materials and objects – including metal. Add personalised metal signage, jewellery, gifts and keepsakes to your portfolio and you'll add value straight away.

How do you know what technology is right for you?

The best way to discover what Roland technology you need to print or engrave on metal is to talk to a Roland creative consultant and see the machines in action.

Bring your test files along for a free, no-obligation demonstration at a Roland print showroom near you. Get in touch today and explore how Roland technology can start making you money.

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