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Durable, flexible, fashionable: printing onto leather with Roland

Hardwearing and versatile, leather has been used for clothing, footwear and furniture for millennia. But with Roland VersaUV flatbed printers and flexible ECO-UV inks, this material has been brought into the colourful, customisable world of the 21st century.
UV printing technology bonds the innovative ink with the leather itself, taking on its natural texture and durability. Your graphics won't crack or peel, letting you experiment with graphics, text, logos and more to provide a lucrative customisation service in this already luxury field.
Here are some ideas of how leather printing can become part of your portfolio, and information on the perfect equipment for the job.

Jump into footwear: Printing on leather shoes

The best shoes are the ones that fit the wearer perfectly – and that includes their personality! Roland VersaUV flatbed printers can add custom graphics, logos and text directly to leather shoes and trainers, big or small. 

Add names to personalise leather footwear.

Unique designs printed directly onto leather shoes.

Sitting pretty: Printed Leather Furniture

Leather is already a luxury material for upholstery and other interior décor, but adding business branding or logos really makes a statement. Or, try printing custom designs or monograms onto leather pieces for high-end, private clients.

Leather furniture is perfect for business branding.

A Fashion Statement: Customising Leather Handbags 

Fashionistas might want the It Bag of the season, but they don't want the same as everyone else's! Create totally personalised printed leather handbags for retailers using VersaUV, or use it for pre-production handbag prototypes, quickly and easily.

Print designs directly onto leather for a one-of-a-kind handbag.

Create the latest It Bag, or a unique tote.

Lasting memories: Printed Leather Gifts and Keepsakes 

Small leather items like coin purses, make-up bags, phone cases, wallets and key chains are perfect gifts and souvenirs – especially with unique graphics printed directly onto the leather with VersaUV.

Customised Leather items are perfect souvenirs that last.

A leather purse printed with a custom design makes an ideal gift.

Faux leather, real style 

As well as genuine leather, Roland VersaUV systems can print directly onto artificial leather materials like PU leather and leatherette. Reach new, artistic markets with a huge range of compatible products like these accessories.

A faux leather watch strap with a custom design adds the personal touch.   

Create artistic graphics for artistic people.   

  • Your customers will love the luxe look of customised accessories and homewares in stylish leather. And you'll love creating them too, thanks to the easy-to-use, versatile desktop and large-format flatbed printers in the Roland VersaUV flatbed technology range. Discover how to add even more value to luxury leather. 

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