Establishment of UAB DG DIMENSE, Starting Operations as a Roland DG Group Company

October 6, 2023 - Roland DG Corporation (Headquarters: Hamamatsu City, Shizuoka Prefecture, Japan; President, Representative Director: Kohei Tanabe), a global manufacturer and distributor of wide-format inkjet printers for advertising and signage and 3D tools for manufacturing, today announced that, following the stock acquisition announcement made on July 31, 2023, UAB Dimense print (Headquarters: Vilnius, Lithuania) has officially changed its name to UAB DG DIMENSE. Simultaneously, a new organizational structure has been established.


Completion of share acquisition and name change

On October 4, 2023 (Lithuanian time), the acquisition of shares was successfully completed, and the company’s name was officially changed to UAB DG DIMENSE.





Organizational structure

CEO and Director Aleksey Etin
Director Andrew Oransky
Director Takafumi Shigenoya


Brief profiles and statements from new board members

CEO and Director Aleksey Etin stated:

“I am very happy that our long-term business partnership with Roland DG has evolved over the years and today we can proudly announce that DG DIMENSE has become a part of the Roland DG family. I am confident that the synergy between the two companies will yield amazing results in the development of our DIMENSE™ and Ecodeco™ technologies. Together, we will conquer new heights in terms of innovation, quality, and impeccable client service.
It fills me with pride to see how what once started as a family business has now become a part of a global corporation. I extend my sincere appreciation to every single employee who has worked tirelessly to make this dream a reality, and I know they will continue to do so in the future.
We are determined to seize this opportunity to the fullest and deliver the WOW factor to the digital printing and decorative industries.”

Director Andrew Oransky stated:

“We are thrilled to announce the establishment of UAB DG DIMENSE, which is now officially a Roland DG Group company. This marks a significant expansion for Roland DG within the interior décor sector, further diversifying our product offerings in this rapidly growing market. The truly unique capabilities of DG DIMENSE combined with Roland DG’s advanced digital imaging technology and network of world-class sales, distribution and support opens up exciting business opportunities for our companies, partners and customers alike.”

Director Takafumi Shigenoya stated:

“Drawing upon my experience in business planning and marketing within the digital printing industry, I aim to maximize the synergy between UAB DG DIMENSE and Roland DG by driving their technological integration and global sales network expansion. This effort will contribute to the creation of new markets.”

Overview of the company undergoing a name change

Headquarters Baltosios Vokes g.37, Vilnius, Lithuania LT-02243
Representative Aleksey Etin
Capital €2,000 (as of October 4, 2023)
Total Assets €6,748,812 (as of October 4, 2023)
Capital Ratio Roland DG 50.1%
Products and Services Research, development, manufacturing, and sales of Ecodeco™ base material, DIMENSE™ printers, inks, and substrates
Target Region Global: Both companies plan to utilize existing sales channels

Roland DG, leveraging UAB DG DIMENSE’s core technology of digital embossing printing solutions*, will accelerate the digitalization of wallpapers and decoration. By offering unique and high-value products and services, Roland DG will pioneer the digitalization of wallpapers, anticipating an expansion in personalized demand, while also focusing on diversifying its business domains and innovating new business models.

* Digital embossing printing is a technology capable of adding texture and dimension to various printed applications, such as gypsum molds, with the potential for expanded applications and uses.