Sophisticated Bottle Design with Direct Printing

Wild Distillery   |   Denmark

Wild Distiller produces 100% handcrafted gin and vodka using carefully selected local, organic ingredients. Wild Distillery continues to pursue a unique Scandinavian spirit by adding their own twist to the centuries-old distilling tradition, and their attention to detail extends to the bottle that attracts people's attention with its special design which features a sense of luxury and transparency.

Roland DG's UV printers have enabled us to produce premium bottle labels exactly as we had imagined. In addition to the high print quality, the reliability is outstanding, and we can conduct our business smoothly. We will continue to use Roland DG's products for new business opportunities, such as personalisation services.


  • We wanted to create a bottle with a transparent look, but the method of attaching a transparent label to the bottle did not produce the finish we had imagined.
  • Since the printing was outsourced, we could not respond flexibly and at a low cost when we needed to make minor adjustments or sudden changes to the design.


  • The company was able to produce bottles with a look of transparency and high quality, just as it had envisioned.
  • By printing the bottles in-house, the company was able to respond flexibly and cost-effectively to design changes.
  • The introduction of in-house UV printers has enabled the company to establish a new personalization service, providing unique corporate gifts for clients.
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