Sakata, a Group of Leather Bag Craftsmen Dedicated to Quality, Utilizes the Power of Digital Technology


SAKATA is a leather goods manufacturer that is passionate about manufacturing leather goods with a focus on traditional Japanese quality. They serve a wide range of businesses from OEM for several companies to their own brands.

The high image quality, good compatibility between leather and ink, and easy-to-use software all contributed to my realisation that the LEF-300 UV printer would be a good choice, and I decided to install it.


  • Because the same pattern was printed on a single large piece of leather, the pattern differed depending on where the leather was cut, resulting in nonuniform finished products.
  • It was time-consuming and costly to make a single prototype sample, which required a tannery to produce the dedicated leather first.
  • It was difficult to print white ink with conventional printers.


  • It is now possible to print a pattern determined to fit each part, making it possible to create products with a uniform design.
  • As long as you have the leather for printing and the design data, prototype samples can be printed internally on the spot, which has significantly reduced the time required for prototyping.
  • It is now possible to print white ink, eliminating the influence of the base leather colour on the colour of the print. As a result, dramatically more vivid color reproduction is now possible.
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