Secrets of a Trophy Maker Loved by Renowned Companies

Andrew Watson Design   |   America

A trophy manufacturer that performs all processes in-house, from design to production. Their unique and sophisticated designs and personalised service have earned them the trust of global companies such as Disney, Apple, Nike, and Google.

Investing in a Roland DG UV printer has been one of the best decisions we’ve ever made for this business. We bought our first Roland DG LEF UV printer in 2015, and I wish we’d done it sooner.


  • Because there were many orders of 20 to 50 pieces per order, screen printing is an extremely slow and expensive process, and it limited our product range.
  • Trophies were often ordered by companies that needed an accurate expression of their brand colours.
  • They were looking for a technology that could print on a variety of materials to expand their product lineup.


  • It is now possible to respond quickly and cost-effectively to small-lot requests. In addition, by using embossing with gloss ink to make personalised letters three-dimensional, they are able to provide a service that is highly satisfactory to their customers.
  • It is now possible to accurately express the PANTONE colours identified by the customer.
  • The product lineup has been expanded with the ability to print on three-dimensional objects made of various materials such as wood, acrylic, and alumite.
VersaOBJECT logo
VersaOBJECT logo

Create Value with Direct Printing

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