Roland Print and Cut Comes Out On Top Again

Roland DG, a leader in integrated print and cut for 22 years, has proved once again its position in the sign and display market, with superior results in a recent EMEA customer survey. Respondents included customers who have been using Roland devices for many years, as well as recent purchasers, with more than 4000 customers across the region giving their feedback.

When asked about their wide-format ownership, 98% of Roland customers declared that output quality met their expectations, with nearly 9 out of 10 users responding positively in terms of the print quality they consistently achieved. 98% of Roland customers also cited versatility and ease-of-use as key areas where their product is meeting expectations. Additionally, reliability and low running costs were highlighted as key areas of satisfaction for Roland users. Such satisfaction levels are reflected in Roland DG’s global sales numbers, with over 116,000 integrated print and cut devices sold worldwide.

A pioneer of digital wide format technology, Roland has consistently innovated and expanded its product range, from its early VersaCAMM products to the market-leading TrueVIS range, launched last year. Through 22 years of customer feedback, fine-tuning and product development, it’s no surprise that Roland DG is a primary brand of choice for wide format print professionals worldwide.

Roland DG’s extensive portfolio offers real choice to PSPs and sign-makers, from truly integrated two-in-one print & cut devices, to the provision of dual-device solutions. Both options offer simultaneous print and cutting in a single workflow, where the RIP, ink and device have been built to work harmoniously together.

As Gillian Montanaro, Roland DG’s Head of Marketing for EMEA, states: “For customers who want a true print & cut – two-in-one – device for space-saving, economy and versatility, or for those who want a separate printer and cutting device for further productivity, Roland has the perfect solution. Our market-leading integrated solutions are seamless, meaning that they are very simple to set up, and work right out of the box.”

One happy customer is Tony Lane, Creative Director of Think Image from Bristol, UK, who explains: “We have been a Roland DG customer for the past 10 years and the ongoing support they offer and the reliability of their products has always been second to none. Every day, our Roland device produces a vast range of output – from vehicle graphics and wall graphics through to stickers and wallpapers – and everything in between. The set-up is easy, the maintenance minimal and the diversity of what you can achieve is simply staggering: we couldn’t exist without it.”

"The quality and the resolution of Roland DG equipment is spectacular. The ink durability and the colour is perfect. Vinyls printed and applied more than two years ago continue to look as good as the day they were printed," confirms Jose Navarro, Director at Digitot in Alicante.

Similarly, according to Javier López, Director of Creaciones Japy in Spain: "Everything we have achieved has been thanks to the support of Roland DG and the reliability and quality of its printers.  Our customers trust us because we meet their delivery dates and the print quality and resolution of the Roland equipment is amazing.”

"We stay loyal to Roland because they offer the best quality. The prints are pin-point sharp, the machines are reliable and the possibilities are almost endless," adds Ruud Vermeer, Founder and Director of Combiflex in The Netherlands.

Reiterated by Leonardo Zanotto, owner of Grow Up S.r.l. in Italy: “The machine’s ease of use and reliability are incredible. No one can guarantee the same standard as Roland. I would make the same choice today.”

Reputation Built on Trust

Gillian Montanaro concludes: “Roland DG continues to be the large format printer of choice for sign-makers and PSPs worldwide. Our reputation has been built on our high-quality products and unrivalled levels of after-sales service. We support our customers with our user-friendly RIP, Roland Profile Center, true media versatility and consistently superior print output and have built up unprecedented levels of trust with our customers based on quality and reliability. Whether you buy an integrated print & cut machine or separate printer/cutter, you can be sure that Roland won’t let you down.”