desktop vinyl cutter plotter
CAMM-1 GS-24

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Accessoires CAMM-1 GS-24


Model Description
XD-CH3 Resin blade holder with blade extention adjuster.
XD-CH2 Aluminium blade holder with blade extention adjuster.
XD-CH4-RD  Blade holder, red.
XD-CH4-BL  Blade holder, blue.
XD-CH4-OR  Blade holder, orange.
ZEC-U1005 Blades for general sign vinyl.
ZEC-U1715 Blades for sandblast.
ZEC-U5032 Blades for reflective vinyl.
ZEC-U3050 Blade offset 0.5mm
ZEC-U3075 Blade offset 0.75mm
ZEC-U3100 Blade offset 1mm
PNS-24 Stand

Cut like new!

Self-maintenance kits are available for our CAMM-1/ CAMM-1 PRO GX, GR and GS range of cutters. The kit includes:

• Cutter pad
• Blade holder
• Pinch roller (M)
• Pinch roller (LR)
• Sheet cutter blade set
• E-ring holder*
*not included in GR Series kits

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