Promakim creates protective face shields for healthcare workers with Roland LV-180 laser engravers

Promakim   |   Istanbul, Turkey

The whole world is working hard to meet the urgent needs of healthcare professionals. One of the most needed items right now are face shields. Roland authorized dealer Promakim has been using Roland LV-180 laser engravers to produce these protective face shields under hygienic conditions and deliver them to health institutions for use in the front line of care.



Systems to meet the increasing demand

In the first phase of this special work carried out by Roland's authorised dealer Promakim, desktop FDM type 3D printers were used to produce face shields consisting of 3 basic pieces. Hakan Alan, one of the Promakim engineers, says that “the line of industrial SLA 3D systems has been used to produce the high volume to meet the increased demand. We managed to reach 250-300 units of production per day”.

On-site support for PET-G cut with Roland LV-180

Roland LV-180 laser engravers were used to produce transparent Pet-G films that protect the face area from viruses without limiting breathing and vision. It was very important that this film, which is fixed to the front of the protective face shield, had the correct dimensions to allow easy fitting during the last stage of the production process. The LV-180 laser engraving machines enabled a fast production process. Industrial designer Sarp Susuzer from Promakim said

“The Roland LV-180 laser engraving machine made the process very quick so we were able to cut a face shield in just half a second.”

The protective face shields that were assembled under hygienic conditions have been delivered to the health institutions demanding them. Special thanks to Promakim for this important initiative to help and meet healthcare needs.

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