PersBiz Technical Specifications

PersBiz Specifications

Features   PersBiz eCommerce PersBiz Business eCommerce
Main settings
Web shop customisation
Upload your own logo and customise the GUI colour in line with your brand identity.
Shop name Define your shop name.
Point of sales Set a location where customers can pick up their ordered goods.
Email receipts Customise the email receipts customers will receive when ordering objects via your store.
Order Flow Define an order validation flow detailing the steps that must be taken from the moment an object is personalised and ordered via the shop to how it must be paid for and collected. Options include: direct download, wait on payment before validating, download and print a ticket.
Checkout Personalise your checkout screen. Select the fields your customers have to fill in before they can pay.
Languages Select the languages you want to include in your shop’s language drop down menu.
Order Management
Orders A clear overview of all incoming orders. Via the order window, orders can be validated and downloaded manually or automatically by the Production Manager.
Production Manager A locally installed application registers validated orders to be downloaded and forwarded via a Hot folder in your RIP system.
Template Catalogue
Default Catalogue Each license includes a default catalogue of more than 1000 designs assigned to different templates. You can hide items you don't want to use.
Template Creation Within the default catalogue you can duplicate templates and adjust them to your needs.
  Create a dedicated catalogue and assign to a dedicated Business account.
Marketing Tools
Promotions Define custom promotions for each article in your shop. Promotions can be set as temporary, either as a fixed amount to be subtracted from the initial product price or as a percentage from the default product value.
Statistics Receive detailed statistics about your order history, most frequently used templates or customer mailings.
Social Media Publish your store activity on social media networks. Use the unique template + design QR code for commercial activities.
Logistics COD = Collect on Demand
Logistics Gateways Define logistics conditions for your partners based upon your couriers.
Payment Infrastructure
Payment Select the payment system which is applicable for your online shop experience.
Payment Gateways Activate and configure the payment gateways you would like to offer to your customers: PayPal and/or Stripe.
User Management
Business Customer Management Create and manage Business Accounts, and assign dedicated catalogues with specific templates.

Specifications  PersBiz eCommerce PersBiz Business eCommerce
Web-based application
Access to online support page
Dedicated URL name
Customizable GUI
1 pickpoint location
Order flow management
Configure an email receipt
Define Checkout fields
Multi language support
Online order management
Default Catalogue with + 1000 designs / templates
Production Center
Duplicate existing templates and customise
Set promotion on articles
Create statistics of your shop
Set and configure social media options
Define payment gateways
Define shipping conditions
Open shop
Order job routing
Unique hyperlinks per shop, per template 
Use of dedicated Kiosk software
Create dedicated Catalogue
Dedicated Business Shops
Manage access Business Account
Add more shop pick points
Integration within existing website = project

PersBiz System Requirements
Hardware Desktop computer
Memory 4 GB RAM
Hard Disk At least 20 GB free disk space
Processor Dual-Core, 2.0 GHz or faster
Network Connection 1 Gbit/s
Operating System The minimum accepted operating system is Windows 7 x86 or x64 (32 or 64 bits) Recommended Windows 10 64 bits
Network Permanent active internet connection. On certain occasions a remote connection to the computer may be necessary
Software Production Center is compatible in installations with Proxy, Virtual Machines and Windows Server.
PersBiz Supported Browsers
To ensure that PersBiz and the Editors are functioning normally, we recommend updating all your browsers to the latest version. These are the browsers that are compatible with the PersBiz solution.
Supported browsers for computers.
Click on the following links to download the latest versions.
Google Chrome
Safari for Mac (version 11 and higher)
Microsoft Edge
NOTE: Internet Explorer is not fully compatible, and using it may result in loss of certain functionality. We recommend using Firefox and Chrome for optimal user experience.