Ak-1 Abutment adapter

NEW AK-1 Abutment Kit for DWX-42W

The AK-1 Abutment Milling System is a series of attachments to the standard DWX-42W material holder that allow the custom milling of titanium abutments from popular manufacturers such as GeoMedi, MEDENTiKA, and NT-Trading.

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In-house production of custom abutments.

Simply connect the AK-1 attachment to the centre pin of the DWX-42W material holder to produce high value, custom abutments. DGSHAPE’s new special-purpose milling burs can process pre-milled titanium blanks with ease.

Process pre-milled titanium blanks through simple operation

When switching to custom abutment processing, simply replace the filtration tray and connect the AK-1 attachment. Your CAM software handles the rest.

Replace the tray
Replace the regular tank tray with the AK-1 tank tray.
Connect the AK-1 attachment
Connect the appropriate attachment for your abutment blank to the work material holder of the DWX-42W.
Mill and complete!
Fix the pre-milled blank and begin milling.

Create new applications

Effortless milling of titanium custom abutments:
Simply attach the abutment adapter and change out the filtration tray and milling burs to begin milling custom titanium abutments in-house.

New burs for milling titanium:
Specifically developed and optimized for milling titanium, the new milling burs provide stable and quality milling of custom abutments.

A single DWX-42W unit can adapt to a variety of applications and grow your business profitability even further.

Abutment kit attachments

Compatible with GeoMedi Geo CMFit® series.

Compatible with MEDENTiKA PreFace® series.

Compatible with NT-Trading NT-PREFORM® series.


Compatible with DESS® Pre-Mill series

Additional Information

Applicable model  DWX-42W
 Supported CAD 3Shape, exocad Dental Wings*
Supported CAM MillBox*
Product configuration AK-1 (Primary set)  Tray with special-purpose filter, three types of special-purpose milling burs AK-1 (Primary set) torque screwdriver, receptacle tray, hexagonal wrench, replacement filters, manual
AK-1-GE / ME / NT
3 types of material attachments
GE: GeoMedi ME: MEDENTiKA; NT: NT-Trading
 Productivity  Processing time 50-80 minutes / tooth  (Depends on form)
 Milling bur replacement time ZTB-150D: 15 hours
ZTB-100D: 3 hours
ZTB-50D: 8 hours 
 Consumables ZTB-150D/100D/50D Special-purpose milling burs, R1.5mm,(Φ3mm) R1.0mm(2mm)R0.5mm(Φ1mm) 
Specifications, designs and dimensions listed may be subject to change without notice.
Please, contact software manufacturers for latest updates.
AK1 Accessories filter AK1 Accessories burs
Tray with special-purpose filter*
Efficiently collect milling waste for easy clean up.
3 types of special-purpose milling burs
Compatible with NT-Trading, MEDENTiKA and GeoMedi.
AK1 Accessories torque wrench AK1 Accessories tray
Torque driver
Fix materials to adapter with the correct level of torque.
Receptacle tray
Maintain a clean workspace and accelerate installation.
  • Replacement filters X 2
  • Hexagonal wrench X 1
  • Manual

Warranty and Support

DGSHAPE by Roland ensures that your machine is always up and running with a 1-year warranty plus support from a network of dedicated dealers and certified service engineers. From our helpful customer support team to an abundance of training and education, Roland cares about your customer needs before and after your machine purchase.


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DGSHAPE by Roland further delivers on this reliability promise but also improves user experience, making it incredibly easy for labs and clinics to produce high quality, cost-effective dental prosthetics while improving workflow efficiencies.