• The new Roland milling machine!


  • The next evolution in compact milling machines

    The SRM-20 is Roland’s latest generation desktop milling machine for the office, studio and educational environment. Since pioneering desktop milling in 1986, Roland has continued to perfect its expertise in delivering accuracy and efficiency in a compact format.

    The SRM-20 incorporates innovative features, including a new spindle, collet, circuit boards and control software. The result is a leap forward in milling precision, speed and ease of use.

    The SRM-20 can mill a variety of non-proprietary materials typically used for prototyping, including chemical wood, acrylic, PCB and modeling wax. Optional collets are also available to extend the mill’s compatibility with a wide range of end mill shapes and sizes, ideal for creating beautiful finishes and intricate details.

  • SRP Technology

    The SRM-20 is a Subtractive Rapid Prototyping (SRP) milling machine. By using this technique, prototypes are made by milling a certain shape ​​from a block. In additive systems, prototypes are made ​​by placing thin layers of materials one on top of the other.

    SRP has several advantages over additive systems: it is cheaper, supports more materials and can finish models beautifully.


  • Application

    SRM-20 is the right choice when precision and high quality results are required.

    With the new Roland milling machine, engineers as well as designers, makers and other creative can easily realize functional models, mechanical components and moulds. The output results can be used as final product components or in testing the initial design.


  • Versatile solution

    The SRM-20 can mill different non-proprietary materials typically used for prototyping, including chemical wood, acrylic and modelling wax.

    Optional collets are also available to extend the mill’s compatibility with a wide range of end mill shapes and sizes, ideal for creating beautiful finishes and intricate details.

  • Designed for clean and secure use in your office or classroom

    The SRM-20 includes an interlocked full cover and a dust-collection tray to keep your environment clean and clear of waste material.

    For increased safety, opening the cover automatically stops the machine.


  • Simple operation for optimum results

    Designed for ease of use, the SRM-20 supports Roland’s unique VPanel, an on-screen operation panel for the computer.

    By using the speed-controlled 4-way cursor movement, you can set the origin point quickly and accurately. Spindle RPM and milling speed can be altered during milling, giving you full control over the results and milling time.

  • Three types of software included

    SRM-20 is equipped with 3 different software for allowing users to fully exploit all the potential of this device.

    MODELA Player 4 is a CAM software that automatically calculates and displays the cutting tool path from 3D data created in commercial 3D CAD software or downloaded from the Internet.

    iModela Creator is a 2D milling software for processing 2D data such as text and graphics.

    ClickMILL provides the user with direct control of the machine without the need to access CAD or CAM software when drilling holes or cutting pockets and other finishing processes.

  • « There are several technologies you could use at each stage of the design process. From vinyl cutters to 3D printers, whatever your model making and prototyping needs. »

    Product design

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  • “Monozukuri” as the foundation for product development

    People have created the world around us by giving shape to their dreams and ideas. At Roland DG, we are convinced that imagination and creativity are our most valuable strengths. Our goal is to provide everyone with the possibility to transform his or her ideas into objects. The joy of making things, which in Japan is called “monozukuri”, is the focus. That is why we named our new series of machines monoFab, where mono refers to monozukuri and fab to desktop fabrication. Creating new things, right at your desk, with user friendly and reliable machines—that's our mission.

  • The monoFab series: two devices, one solution

    The monoFab desktop tools are based on the 3D modelling technology that Roland DG pioneered and has continually enhanced since 1986. Incorporating both additive and subtractive 3D technologies, you can now realize your creativity like never before - right from your own desk.

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Specifications SRM-20
Cuttable material Resins such as chemical wood and modelling wax (metal not supported), substrates for machining.
X, Y, and Z operation strokes 203.2 (X) x 152.4 (Y) x 60.5 (Z) mm
Distance from collet tip to table Maximum 130.75 mm
Table size 232.2 (X) x 156.6 (Y) mm
Loadable workpiece weight 2 kg
X, Y, and Z axis drive system Stepping motor
Operating speed 6 - 1800 mm/min
Software resolution 0.01 mm/step (RML-1) / 0.001 mm/step (NC code)
Mechanical resolution 0.000998594 mm/step
Spindle motor DC motor Type 380
Maximum spindle rotation 7,000 rpm
Cutting tool chuck Collet method
Interface USB
Control command sets RML-1, NC code
Power requirements Machine: DC 24 V, 2.5 A / Dedicated AC adapter: AC 100-240 V ± 10%, 50/60Hz
Power consumption Approx. 55 W
Acoustic noise level During operation: 65 dB (A) or less (when not cutting) / During standby: 45 dB (A) or less
Dimensions / Weight 451.0 (W) x 426.6 (D) x 426.2 (H) mm / 19.6 kg 
Environment Temperature of 5 to 40°C, 35 to 80% relative humidity (non-condensing)
Included items AC adapter, power cord, USB cable, cutting tool, collet, set screw, spanners
(7,10 mm), hexagonal wrench (size 2,3 mm),
positioning pins, double-sided tape, start-up information card.

Optionally available items    
Item Model Description
Square end-mills ZHS-100 High speed steel dia. 1 3(l) × 6(d) × 50(L) × 2NT
ZHS-200 High speed steel dia. 2 6(l) × 6(d) × 50(L) × 2NT
ZHS-300 High speed steel dia. 3 10(l) × 6(d) × 50(L) × 2NT
ZHS-400 High speed steel dia. 4 12(l) × 6(d) × 50(L) × 2NT
ZHS-500 High speed steel dia. 5 15(l) × 6(d) × 55(L) × 2NT
ZHS-600 High speed steel dia. 6 15(l) × 6(d) × 55(L) × 2NT
ZHS-3015 High speed steel dia. 3 15(l) × 6(d) × 50(L) × 2NT; 2piece 
Ball end-mills ZCB-150 Cemented carbide R1.5 25(l) × 2.4(Lc) × 65(L) × 6(d) × 2NT
ZCB-200 Cemented carbide R2 25(l) × 3.2(Lc) × 70(L) × 6(d) × 2NT
ZCB-300 Cemented carbide R3 30(l) × 4.8(Lc) × 80(L) × 6(d) × 2NT
Engraving cutters:    
Engraving cutters (for plastic) ZEC-100 Cemented carbide dia. 6 × 50(L) × 0.225(W)
Collets (for end-mills) ZC-20-30 dia. 3 mm 
ZC-20-32 dia. 3.175 mm 
ZC-20-40 dia. 4 mm 
ZC-20-60 dia. 6 mm 
Spindle motor SM-20 For replacement 
Spindle unit SS-20 For replacement 
Unit: mm, dia. = flute diameter, R = flute radius, Lc = cutting lergth, l = flute length, d = shank diameter, L = overall length, NT = number of flutes