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Created for the purpose of reducing the cost and time it takes to create partial-denture, full-denture or models, TRKs are composed of a selection of items that are designed to produce millable blocks from powder-based gypsum or pourable cold-cure acrylic.

Using a powder-based gypsum or pourable acrylic/monomer mixture, these kits can create unlimited milling blocks from reusable silicone moulds for your compatible DGSHAPE DWX milling machine.

The Removable Denture Kit (CA-DK1) and Model Kit (CA-MK1) work with the DWX-52D, DWX-52DC, and DWX-52DCi dental mills. These kits are not compatible with other competitive milling devices.

Each kit comes with six reusable silicone moulds, a levelling spatula, three fixtures to fit your existing material adapters and a 2.0mm carbide flat-end bur specially designed to reduce the time for the roughing process during milling. The removable denture kit also includes three silicone spacers and fifty fixture tip sets. Please see the overview page for further details. 

The Removable Denture Kit (CA-DK1) uses a reusable silicone mould to produce millable blocks for full and partial denture bases. 

The Model Kit (CA-MK1) offers two types of reusable silicone moulds to create millable blocks for both full arch and quadrant models.

Both the Removable Denture Kit (CA-DK1) and Model Kit (CA-MK1) require time for the materials to harden. In the case of the CA-MK1 Kit, the process is very simple and users merely need to measure, mix and pour the water and gypsum mixture into the mould, before leaving it to settle and harden.

When using the CA-DK1 Kit, place fixture tips in the silicone mould and then mix and pour cold-cure acrylic. Then, place the silicone mould into a pressure pot for polymerisation. Once the material is fully polymerised, place it in the fixture held in the material adapter and insert into the Roland DWX milling machine.

You can use your chosen brand of cold-cure acrylic, keeping you in full control of your costs.


Users will need a measuring scale and cup, plus mixing bowl and knife. A vibrating pad removes air, limiting the chance of porosity. Model Kit users will also need a gypsum mixing device. Removable Denture Kit users will need a compressed air-fed pressure pot to polymerise the cold-cure acrylic.

The latest versions of MillBox and hyperDENT are compatible CAM software. You will need to have a suitable design module for your existing CAD package.

Please contact your DGSHAPE reseller or DGSHAPE directly to check compatibility with your existing CAM.


The 2.0mm flat-end bur, fixtures and tips for the mould are available.