Metal engraving machine METAZA MPX-95

METAZA MPX-95 Impact Engraver with DPM Kit

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The direct part marking kit for the MPX-95 is the ideal accessory for industrial and medical parts marking. Users of all abilities can add precision data to a wide range of metal equipment.

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MPX-95 DPM Kit

Mark on a Wide Range of Hard Materials

A durable diamond-tipped stylus strikes material with high speed and precision to mark fine text and complex data patterns onto:

Stainless steel

Laser Pointer Set-Up

A built-in laser pointer accurately defines centre point on workpiece before imprinting. At the touch-of a button, users can set the print position for precise marking every time.

Expand Media Options

The base plate and base unit can be removed to enable imprinting onto much larger medical tools, devices and industrial equipment.

Direct Part Marking Kit Includes:

Direct Part Marking Vice
Direct Part Marking Vice

Direct Part Marking Vice

A movable and fully-adjustable vice with multiple tool-holding options can be quickly set-up to hold medical scissors, tools and other items. It's ideal for marking different items with contrasting dimensions in succession.
Direct Part Marking with Center Vise and Clamp Pins

Center Vice with Clamp Pins

Uniquely position different sized clamp-pins to hold irregular-shaped and cylindrical items for repeat, precise marking of equipment with the same dimensions.
Direct Part Marking with Center Vise and Clamp Pins
Head Caps
Head Caps

Head Caps

30 rounded and 10 flat head caps are included in the Direct Part Marking Kit for use on flat and curved surfaces.
Engraved GR code

Engrave Barcodes or QR codes

Imprint up to 26 digits of barcode data inside an area as small as one square millimetre. Users can also automatically apply serial barcodes and security numbers with variable data options.
Engraved GR code
Direct part marking software

METAZA Studio Software

The DPM version of METAZA Studio allows users to apply sequential data to each item in a series, add text, import variable data without having to save a CSV file, and automatically generate 2D symbols for an effortless solution.

Compact, Quiet and Safe

The MPX-95 runs quietly, cleanly and safely in medical facility and office environments. Because it does not burn or remove material on impact, it generates no odours or debris. No daily maintenance, special power or ventilation is required.

RolandCare Included

Built to provide years of reliable service – even in the most demanding environments – the MPX-95 also comes with a one-year Original RolandCare warranty*.

Roland DG's international ISO certifications are your assurance of quality products and service.

*Terms and conditions apply. See warranty page for details.