DWX-52D close up of puck and drill

DWX-52D Applications


Users can mill temporary/provisional crowns as well as permanent crowns, producing zirconia and composite prosthetics with close replication.


Mill single or multiple bridge replacements of any size from a choice of compatible materials.


Create front-facial restorations such as veneers with zirconia, PMMA, composite resin materials and more.

Inlays and Onlays

Mill indirect inlays (intracoronal fillings) and onlays (cusp fillings) from zirconia, composite materials, and a range of popular materials.


Mill different copings for casting or porcelain applications.


Mill various abutments, including screw retained and hybrid crowns. Picture shows hybrid abutment on Ti base.

Expanded Applications

Mill a range of materials including PEEK, wax and PMMA for a variety of applications including denture frameworks, implant bars, bite splints and surgical guides.