DESS Abutment Attachment Joins DGSHAPE’s List of Attachment Options for its DWX-42W Abutment Kit

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DGSHAPE Corporation, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Roland DG Corporation and a leading provider of digital fabrication tools worldwide, announced its new Dental Smart Solutions (DESS) Abutment Attachment (AK-1-DE) for the Abutment Kit AK-1 This accessory is sold separately from the Abutment Kit and is available for all DWX-42W wet dental mill users. The DESS Attachment joins DGSHAPE’s suite of accessories that enable milling of GeoMedi’s Geo CMFit®, MEDENTiKA’s PreFace®, and NT-Trading’s NT-PREFORM® titanium blanks. The DGSHAPE Abutment Kit (sold separately) is comprised of a specialised filter tray, three dedicated milling burs, a torque wrench, a hexagonal wrench and a receptacle tray. By pairing the Kit with any of DGSHAPE’s Abutment Attachments, DWX-42W users can easily mill custom titanium abutments in-house. . Montage of various personalised products "The DESS accessory holds either 10mm or 14mm custom DESS abutment blanks. When outfitted with DGSHAPE’s AK-1 Abutment Kit and any of the Abutment Attachments, the DWX-42W employs a lathe milling technique to produce consistent, high quality custom titanium abutments when implant treatment is necessary. “The DESS Abutment Attachment gives DWX-42W users the freedom to custom mill DESS titanium abutment blanks with the Abutment Kit, offering them additional material options,” said Hisashi Bito, DGSHAPE Corporation’s President of Operations. “This new accessory demonstrates our ongoing commitment to developing products that provide dental businesses with the tools they need to meet a growing market demand". Montage of various personalised products "The DESS Attachment will be available through authorised DGSHAPE dental dealers worldwide in August 2021".

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