Make appealing print samples with metallic ink

img_metallic_sticker3.jpgDo you want to find out how you can advertise your metallic printing options? A simple but effective tip: print your clients’ logos in metallic colours. They will definitely consider metallic printing in their next order.

Metallic versions of existing logos can be made very easily. Just replace the existing colours with a metallic colour from the VersaWorks Metallic Color System Library.

First open the PDF in Adobe Acrobat Pro, and click on [Advanced]> [Print production]> [Output preview]. This will show you the spot and process colours that the logo contains. If only spot colours are used, you can easily convert them into metallic colours via VersaWorks. For process colours, you can use Illustrator or Corel Draw.


Convert spot colours to metallic colours via VersaWorks

- [File Format] shows you the spot colours that VersaWorks recognises. In our example, the colours "PANTONE285 CVU" and "PANTONE432 CVC" are recognised. Select [Convert Spot Color] and click on [Details].

File Format
- Click on a colour, select [Edit Spot Color] and click on [Use Color Library].

Spot Color List
- Then select the Roland Metallic Color System Library, from which you want to assign a colour. This offers a choice of metallic colours that Roland printers can print.

Spot Color Library

- Select the colour you want, for example "RVW-MT-10P". VersaWorks will now convert all the elements to the colour "PANTONE285 CVU" in "RVW-MT-10P".

Select Spot Color

- Repeat these steps for the second colour, and click on [OK].
The following screen will finally appear in VersaWorks:

Spot Color List

The logo colours will be converted to metallic colours.

Colours can be converted in this manner from VersaWorks version 4.8 onwards. Don’t have this version yet? Use your free software updater to download the latest version.

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