Determine the right price for each order with VersaWorks

Are you looking for a simple way to calculate the cost of each printing order? Then just have a look in the ‘Job Log’ in your Roland VersaWorks software. Here you find detailed data that allow you to calculate your costs and decide on a fair price for your customers.

In the Job Log you will find your printer’s history. You can see the size and ink consumption of each order. This will help you to keep an eye on your expenses and to charge competitive prices. You can find the Job Log in the menu [View] in VersaWorks.

Details to check every job

Click on [Job Log] in the menu [View].


In the Job Log screen you then select a print job and click on the information icon (Detail Job Log).


You will then get all the data about the selected task. On basis of these figures you can calculate your costs easily. In addition, you can export these data as a CSV or XML file.  


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