Two-year warranty on cutters

Benefit now from an additional one-year warranty on top of the standard one-year warranty! You can therefore enjoy a two-year warranty free of charge on your GX or SV cutter. What do you need to do for this? Simple: register your equipment within three months after purchase on myRoland and you can put your mind at rest.

What does the warranty mean in specific terms?

The warranty covers the costs relevant to the repair of your equipment. This way you will have no unforeseen costs for two years.

Even after this time you are safe with Roland. Our products are extremely reliable and are operational for years on end without any problems. There is a reason why thousands of consumers worldwide count on our cutters.

Where can I sign up for this extended warranty?

Register on myRoland within three months from date of purchase of your product. myRoland is the Roland DG Benelux user platform. Here you can review the service record of your product as well as manage your personal information.

  • If you do not yet have an account on myRoland, you can register here.
  • If you already have an account, just log in to register your new product.

You will automatically enjoy the extended warranty as soon as your product has been registered. Do you have more than one product? Register them all, because the warranty applies to each product separately.


What if I buy a used product?

If your product was timely registered for extended warranty by the first owner, you will continue to enjoy this warranty. This service is unique on the market!

You can check with us whether your product is registered. Please send an e-mail to We will also inform you how to register the product in your name on myRoland. This way, where appropriate, you can request a repair using this platform.

The extended warranty only applies to products which were distributed by Roland DG Benelux and sold by authorised dealers in the countries for which Roland DG Benelux is responsible, i.e. Belgium, the Netherlands, Luxembourg, Germany, Switzerland, Austri and France.