The milestones in the history of our company


  • Opening of the Roland Dental Academy in Willich, Germany where regular training sessions and courses are organized. The complete digital dental workflow is demonstrated.
  • Launch of the VersaEXPRESS RF-640, a fast, reliable and affordable four-colour printer.
  • Move to a new building in Geel, Belgium with inspiring showroom and modern offices.




  • Roland DG launches its fastest printer ever, the SOLJET PRO4 XF-640, featuring ECO-SOL MAX2 inks in four colours.
  • Introduction of the VersaUV LEF-20 flatbed UV printer.  It print on any substrate up to 100mm high and turns the ordinary into highly profitable and personalised items.
  • The small DWX-4 dental milling machine launches: ideal for the production of crowns and bridges in wax, PMMA and Zirconia. The DWX-4 appeals to dental businesses looking to enter the world of digital dental production
  • The world’s best-selling printer in the durable graphics market gets even better. Roland DG introduces the next VersaCAMM generation, the VS-i series of printer/cutters.
  • Belgian Yannig Van de Wouwer, working at the authorized Roland dealer Pantoon, is crowned as the World’s Best Service Engineer. Daniel Thätner from German dealer Technoplot finishes in a third place.



  • Roland DG launches its flagship printer. The SOLJET PRO4 XR-640 printer/cutter features new and improved ECO-SOL MAX2 ink, which is available in a new colour: light black.
  • The Roland Creative Awards, our first global competition is completed. 1100 entries from Roland customers are received from 123 countries spanning 14 regions. Germany based ‘Racespirit GmbH and PK Plus from The Netherlands are announced regional winners and attend a special 30th Anniversary event held in Japan to compete against other regional finalists. A Chinese 3D entry ‘Rapid Prototype of Tunnel Boring Machine’ is crowned worldwide winner.
  • Built for high quality images printed at speed, Roland DG launches their 64” (162.5 cm) wide, four colour VersaArt RE-640 printer.
  • The MPX-90M metal printer launches to help those in the medical profession track and track their surgical instruments.




  • Roland DG launches its smallest ever integrated printer/cutter, the 20" (51 cm) wide VersaSTUDIO BN-20, which proves an instant success
  • Roland DG introduces the VersaUV LEF-12, its first flatbed UV-LED printer capable of printing on objects up to 100mm high.
  • Based on award-winning VersaUV ground-breaking technology, Roland introduce its first wide format hybrid printer, the VersaUV LEJ-640 with its ability to print on substrates up to 13mm thick.
  • In celebration of their 30th anniversary, Roland DG launches the Creative Awards competition, designed to reward Roland customers around the globe.
  • After launching the first dental machine in 2010, Roland DG introduces a faster, feature-packed DWX-50 milling machine.
  • Introduction of the iModela: a small milling machine suited to the craft and hobby markets.



  • Roland announces its largest, most powerful cutter to date, the GX-640.
  • VersaUV makes the headlines again, first with the new LEC-540 and next by winning the prestigious Label Industry Global Award for New Innovation.
  • Roland's most powerful and versatile VersaCAMM printer/cutter series to date, the VS series, 30", 42", 54" and 64" printer/cutters become instant best-sellers.
  • DWX-30 debuts as Roland's first dental milling machine.
  • Roland's third generation of impact printers, the MPX-90, launches.
  • The truly versatile EGX-30A engraver launches, delivering the fastest production speeds in its class
  • The German office in Willich is named Roland DG Deutschland GmbH.




  • Roland ECO-SOL MAX™ Ink in Metallic Silver is awarded the prestigious “DPI Product of the Year 2009”.
  • Launch of i series printers for the VersaCAMM SP series.
  • Launch of the VersaUV LEC-330: the faster, more efficient version of the award winning LEC-300.
  • The launch of the SOLJET PRO III XC-540MT, the world’s first metallic inkjet printer.
  • Our Creative Centre doors open at the Roland DG office in Willich, near Düsseldorf. It’s an inspiring showcase of fun, classic and whacky applications achieved using the spectrum of Roland products.


An overview of the previous years:

  • 2008: Launch of LEC-300 world’s first integrated UV printer/cutter.
  • 2007: Release of the VersaCAMM VP series of printer/cutters and the MPX-80 metal printer.
  • 2006: The AdvancedJet AJ-1000, a 104"-wide grand format inkjet printer and the SOLJET PRO III V XC-540 printer/cutter are released. Further releases: the STIKAs series of portable vinyl cutters, the CAMM-1 PRO series of professional vinyl cutter and the MODELA PRO II MDX-540 benchtop milling machine. Release of the Hi-Fi EXPRESS FP-740 dye-sublimation inkjet printer.
  • 2005: Introduction of V Technology with a new line of high-performance printers: the SC-545EX printer/cutter, the SJ-645EX and SJ-745EX printers, and the SJ-1045 grand format printer. A new 30-inch VersaCAMM was also released, together with the industry’s first white eco-solvent ink. ECO-SOL MAX entered the market as well, representing a significant step forward in ink technology. 2005 also marked the introduction of the MDX-40 low-cost subtractive rapid prototyping system, the JWX-10 jewellery model maker and the CAMM-1 Servo GX-24, the company’s fastest and most precise desktop vinyl cutter to date.
  • 2004: Roland DG entered the grand format printing market with the 2.6m-wide SOLJET SJ-1000EX. Other introductions: a new VersaCAMM, the SP-540V, the LPX-1200 3D scanner, the MPX-60 photo impact printer and the RX-50 spiral axis engraver. Roland DG Benelux also set up a sales office in Willich, Germany in order to keep serving the growing number of German dealers and end-customers efficiently.
  • 2003: The introduction of the VersaCAMM SP-300, the industry’s lowest-priced integrated printer/cutter and the Eco-Sol ink – a revolutionary mild solvent ink for VersaCAMM and SOLJET printers.
  • 2002: Roland introduced the SOLJET PRO II Series, an entirely new family of five high-performance inkjet printers and printer/cutters. The company was also listed on the Tokyo Stock Exchange First Section.
  • 2001: Five innovative products came onto the market: the SOLJET, the world’s lowest-priced solvent printer/cutter; the ColorCAMM PC-12, the world’s first roll-fed desktop printer/cutter; the LPX-250 laser scanner, the industry’s lowest-priced laser scanner; state-of-the-art CX PRO vinyl cutters; and the EGX series of engravers, the most cost-effective computerised engravers at that moment available in desktop and benchtop models.
  • 2000: Three ground-breaking new products were released: the world’s first photo-impact printer, the MPX-50; the world’s first eight-colour, wide format inkjet printer with variable droplet technology, the Hi-Fi JET PRO; and the MDX Series desktop and benchtop milling machines for in-house rapid prototyping. The company was also listed on the Tokyo Stock Exchange Second Section and started with Digital YATAI (the digitized cell production system).
  • 1998: The world's first wide format inkjet printer to use pigment ink - The Hi-Fi JET was introduced.
  • 1997: Roland’s ColorCAMM PRO family of wide format thermal transfer printer/cutters entered the market along with the PIX-3 3D scanner.
  • 1996: The launch of the world's first wide format inkjet printer/cutter with the CAMMJET and the world’s first plotter to offer engraving, pen plotting and vinyl cutting with the CS-20.
  • 1995: The world's first print/cut device for vinyl was launched: the ColorCAMM PNC-5000.
  • 1993: The introduction of the low-cost PNC-900 vinyl cutter.
  • 1988: The launch of the world's first dual-purpose vinyl cutter and pen plotter with the CAMM-1.
  • 1987: The company's first CAMM-2 engraver, the PNC-2000.
  • 1986: The introduction of the world’s first desktop CNC mill, the PNC-3000.
  • 1985: Roland DG moved its headquarters to Hamamatsu in the Shizuoka district and released the DPX-2000, an A-2 size plotter. The subsidiary in Belgium (Oevel) was established.
  • 1983: The company changed its corporate name to Roland DG Corporation (DG stands for Digital Group) and released the first A-3 size plotter, the DXY-800.
  • 1982: AMDEK marketed CMU-800 computer music and introduced the DXY-100, the company’s first pen plotter for the CAD/CAM market.
  • 1981: AMDEK Corporation, an affiliate company of Roland Corporation, was founded in Osaka as a manufacturer of computerized music peripherals and as a distributor of assembled electronic music instrument parts.