Standard Guarantee

Your Roland machine comes with a standard one-year guarantee. Consumables are not included in this guarantee.

Below you will find the details of the standard guarantee. In the text we have abbreviated Roland DG Benelux to "RDG" and Roland DG Authorised Service Centres to "RASC".

Start and duration of the guarantee

The guarantee period starts on the day that the authorised Roland dealer installs the machine. Either you or your dealer enters the proof of this installation on myRoland within 30 days of purchase.


Content of the guarantee

The guarantee covers the repair of the machine should there be a defect in the material or the finish during normal - as specified by the manufacturer -use and maintenance (see user manual).

Repairs includes solving (either by replacing the faulty parts or not) the problems hampering the normal functioning of the appliance (see product specifications).

During the guarantee period RDG or RASC will change any spare parts that have manufacturing defects.
RDG agrees to replace any parts that reveal hidden defects at any time during the guarantee period.

RDG offers three months' guarantee on repairs and parts if these are directly the result of manufacturing defects.


Parts that are worn or aged

Parts that are worn or aged as a result of use are not covered by the guarantee. Examples of consumables are cutting knives, wipers and print heads.


Response time and execution

RDG and RASC agree to render your appliance operational as quickly as possible.

For on-site repairs the client should ensure that the necessary provisions and facilities as well as sufficient space to work are provided for the RDG or RASC technician to be able to carry out the repairs.


Call-out charges and working hours

RDG and RASC will not charge for hours spent on repairs during the guarantee period. They will charge for hours spent on maintenance work however as well as the consumables that are replaced.
Call-out charges during this guarantee period are covered if the intervention is a direct result of a problem caused by a manufacturing defect or problem. In all other instances a call-out fee will be charged e.g. for maintenance work.


Exceptions that are NOT covered by the guarantee

  • Errors in utilisation
    • Problems that are the result of incorrect use of the appliance. The correct use is described in the user manual.
    • Problems that are the result of not observing the maintenance schedule that is handed to the user of the machine. The maintenance schedule is described in the manual and is clarified during the installation or maintenance training. 
    • Problems that are the result of the machine being used in a way that does not comply with described specifications and criteria for settings. These are described in the user manual.
    • Deviations in printing with regards cutting as a result of :
      • Incorrect values entered in the "user menu" (calibration / print & cut adjustment, speed-up-speed) 
      • Effect of temperature on the medium (shrinking and swelling) 
      • Non-conforming laminate
    • Parts that break because the medium is not loaded according to specifications. 
    • Problems resulting from incorrect processing temperature when laminating or accelerated drying of printed material.
  • Consumables such as ink, media, cutting blades and guillotine blades.
  • Faults caused by external factors such as PCs, cabling, hardware configuration, parts supplied by third parties, dust, static charges, humidity or ambient temperature. 
  • All guarantees and right to assistance become obsolete if non-conforming or non-authorised inks are used. 
  • Faults or problems that are a result of faulty software settings.
  • Faults or problems that are a result of using unsuitable ICC profiles or colour settings.
  • Faults or problems that are a result of using unsuitable or non-conforming media.
  • Parts that do not obstruct the functioning of the machine and do not affect the quality of the print (covers and stand). 
  • All software-related problems.
  • Damage caused by accidents or circumstances beyond control (e.g. storms, lightning, fire, theft, water damage, etc. ).
  • RDG will accept no liability for loss of revenue, claims, loss of data or costs for repairing and reconfiguring equipment. The client should make regular back-ups of data therefore as well as the software settings.


Client's guarantee will lapse

  • If it appears that the client has not paid all RDG or RASC's outstanding invoices.
  • If the serial number has been lost, changed or is illegible.
  • If changes are made to the equipment by third parties without the permission of RDG.
  • If maintenance work is carried out by a service centre that is not (at that point in time) authorised by RDG without the permission of RDG. Roland Authorised Service Centres are designated on an annual basis.


Client obligations

  • To treat the equipment with all due respect and ensure that only competent and trained staff operate the machine.
  • To use the machine in a clean, air-conditioned environment with safe electricity supply and good earth. 
  • Not to carry out modifications or make physical changes to the machine without the written permission of RDG.
  • Observe the maintenance plan. 
  • Only use inks that are authorised and which comply with the equipment.