• Projector-type 3D printer that fits on your desk

    The ARM-10 desktop 3D printer brings together Roland DG’s 3D modelling technologies. It features a proprietary projector lens and Roland’s ImageCure resin to create 3D models using UV light. The acrylic resin becomes semi-transparent when cured. Post-processing, such as support removal, polishing, and adding colour are simple to do.

  • Create complex shapes

    With 3D printing, you can quickly and easily build parts, which previously required multi-axis milling, such as complex objects with undercuts.

  • Choice of three resins

    With three types of imageCure resin to choose from, the ARM-10 allows you to explore a wide variety of design and prototyping requirements. Our standard resin (PRH35-ST) is easy to handle and is ideal for creating complex geometries and testing structural stability. The flexible resin (PRF35-ST) can be used for items requiring anti-slip surfaces. Our rubberlike resin (PRR35-OP) enables you to reproduce pliable objects and surfaces which require a soft feel. Use the resins on their own or in combination for a huge range of realistic prototypes and models.

  • Roland software supports 3D printing

    monoFab Player AM enables data correction, with a healing function to fill in any gaps in 3D data and simplification of meshes, layout editing and automatic support generation. The user-friendly interface is easy to use, making it ideal even for beginners.


  • Rely on Roland

    The ARM-10 is a reliable 3D printer that supported by an online and an offline support system. Customers can rely on the global network of trained dealers and partners, and they receive a 1-year warranty on their machines. Customers are also invited to participate in a practical training course covering the use of the software and the hardware.

  • “ It offers a lot of satisfaction to be able to see one's creative fantasies become reality.”

    Maarten Bloemen, 3D designer at Next Issue (Hasselt, Belgium)

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  • “Allowing the user to experience both design and engineering”

    Hiroshi Yasutomi, Product Designer (Japan)

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  • 'Roland is highly active in education and that really appealed to us. We feel really good about this and also about the support we’ve had.’

    Jorg Wintraecken, FabLab+ (Antwerp, Belgium)

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  • The monoFab series: two devices, one solution

    The monoFab desktop tools are based on the 3D modelling technology that Roland DG pioneered and has continually enhanced since 1986. Incorporating both additive and subtractive 3D technologies, you can now realize your creativity like never before - right from your own desk.

    Discover our new desktop milling machine


  • 10 Frequently Asked Questions

    We have bundled 10 FAQ's about 3D printing in a comprehensive article. Which software can I use to make 3D models? Can I use 3D files that I have downloaded from the Internet? Which file types can I use?

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Specifications ARM-10
Build technology   Layer projection system
Build size   130 (W) x 70 (D) x 70 (H) mm
(Job volume of resin is up to 300 g)
Build speed   10 mm/h (Layer pitch = 0.15 mm)
Light source   UV-LED (ultraviolet light emitting diode)
XY resolution   0.2 mm
Z axis resolution   0.01mm
Power requirements   Machine:DC 24 V, 0.6 A, Dedicated AC adapter: AC 100 V to 240 V±10%, 50/60 Hz
Power consumption   15 W
Acoustic noise level   During operation: 55 dB (A) or less, During standby: 49 dB (A) or less
Dimensions / Weight   430 (W) x 365 (D) x 450 (H) mm / 17 kg
Interface   USB
Environment During operation Temperature of 20 to 30°C, 35 to 80% relative humidity (non-condensing)
Not operating Temperature of 5 to 40°C, 20 to 80% relative humidity (non-condensing)
Included items   AC adapter, Power code, USB cable, Liquid material vat, Printing and washing tools
(Metallic spatula, Plastic spatula, Tweezers, Washing container x 2, Hexagonal wrench,
Spanner, Rubber gloves, Work tray, etc.), Start-up information card

Resin safety precautions before and after curing:

The main intended purpose of PRH35-ST resin is design verification and prototyping applications. Refer to published safety data sheets and the included user's manual for the handling of uncured resin. Although completely cured resin* is harmless when used for its main intended purpose, no biocompatibility assessment has been conducted. This resin is not suitable for applications where direct contact with food will occur or applications where extended contact with skin or human body will occur.
* Completely cured resin: Refers to the state where curing reaction has occurred to the point that uncured reactive components have been eliminated.