Engravers <br> and Personalisation 1

METAZA MPX-95 Medical

Versatile, high-precision marking solution for medical instruments.

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Engravers <br> and Personalisation 2


Profitable metal giftware personalisation and direct parts marking with the METAZA MPX-95 compact engraver.

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Engravers <br> and Personalisation 3

EGX PRO series

The EGX-600 and EGX-400 are engravers of considerable size, power and speed. They can engrave at up to 100 mm/second and can process various materials such as wood, plastics and light metals.

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Engravers <br> and Personalisation 4


The EGX-350 can make beautiful engravings on various materials. Examples are plastic, aluminium, copper and wood. The EGX-350 is versatile and user friendly and engraves signs, nameplates, lighters, cups and gifts, among others.

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Engravers <br> and Personalisation 5


The EGX-30A is a compact, affordable and user-friendly engraving machine that is particularly interesting for companies and shops that wish to do their own engraving. This unit can engrave badges, nameplates, gifts and awards, among others, in plastics and wood.

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