Products 1

TrueVIS VG series

The TrueVIS VG is the new generation of printer/cutters. They feature new printheads, new vibrant inks, new cutting technology, new technology to communicate with your phones and tablets, and so much more.

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Products 2

CAMM-1 GS-24

Expand your business with the CAMM-1 GS-24, our best vinyl cutter ever. Versatile, accurate and user-friendly: everything you need. But there is more. The GS-24 is also exceptionally reliable. It takes your business into the future, and much further.

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Products 3


Our new generation of ink has arrived. Offering an overall better performance, ECO-SOL MAX 3 delivers even faster drying times, bigger cartridges and a lower price per cc of ink. If you want visual dramatics, Roland’s ECO-SOL MAX 3 ink delivers.

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Products 4


Build an unbeatable business with the TrueVIS SG series integrated printer/cutters. The SG-540 (1371 mm) and SG-300 (762 mm) deliver Roland DG’s renowned quality, reliability and cutting-edge features, at an exceptional price.

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Products 5

METAZA MPX-95 Medical

Versatile, high-precision marking solution for medical instruments.

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Products 6


Profitable metal giftware personalisation and direct parts marking with the METAZA MPX-95 compact engraver.

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Products 7

VersaWorks Dual

Roland VersaWorks Dual RIP software includes all the advanced and ease-of-use features of VersaWorks and natively supports both PostScript and PDF files for improved file reproduction when layers and transparencies are used.

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Products 8

Roland VersaWorks Dual Upgrade

Upgrade your device to Roland VersaWorks Dual for free

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Products 9


The DWX-52DC is equipped with a 6-slot Automatic Disc Changer capable of loading 98.5mm discs of different (or the same) materials for continuous milling of numerous dental restoration jobs in succession.

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Products 10


With the DWP-80S Dental 3D Printer, users can speed-up and simplify denture fabrication.

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Products 11


The CAMM-1 GR series takes cutting productivity, precision and strength to the next level. Use as a stand-alone cutter or pair with your existing printer - it’s entirely your choice. But be sure, you can power up your business with the GR cutter series.

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Products 12

VersaUV S-Serie Flatbed

With VersaUV S-Series UV-LED flatbed printers you can print stunning quality colour graphics, gloss and textured effects onto flexible and rigid substrates and objects up to 200mm in height and 100kg/sqm in weight. A choice of 4 models to match your production needs.

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Products 13

VersaUV S-Series Belt

Offering the ultimate versatility, with VersaUV S-Series UV-LED belt printers it’s possible to direct print CMYK plus White and Gloss onto roll-to-roll, flexible or substrates objects up to 200mm in height and 100kg/sqm in weight. With the S-Series the only limit is your imagination.

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Products 14

VersaUV LEF-300

The VersaUV LEF-300 LED UV inkjet flatbed printer offers the flexibility of digital customisation and takes productivity to the next level.

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Products 15


The new Texart sublimation ink delivers bold and vibrant colours, deep and rich blacks, subtle gradations and remarkable fine detail. The ink is available in eight colours.

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Products 16


The SOLJET EJ-640 has been developed with cost-efficient high-performance productivity at the forefront. Coupled with the reliability and durability of Roland DG technology, the EJ-640’s sturdy construction delivers exceptional quality output across a wide range of applications.

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Products 17


The XR-640 is our flagship model. This printer/cutter features the latest print head technology and uses the new ECO-SOL MAX 3 ink. The XR-640 is fast, reliable, user-friendly, and extremely versatile.

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Products 18


Introducing the world's smallest milling machine for dental prosthetics. The DWX-4 is compact in design as well as being accurate and versatile. The DWX-4 is used for milling crowns and bridges in zirconium, PMMA, wax and composite resin.

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Products 19


The VersaEXPRESS RF-640 offers productivity and reliability at an extremely competitive price. This four-colour printer gives you stunning prints at high speed and low cost. As an investment therefore, the RF-640 is absolutely unmatched.

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Products 20

Texart XT-640

Discover the exciting commercial benefits of digital dye sublimation transfer printing with the Texart XT-640. You maximise your output across a wide range of applications including sportswear, fashion, soft signage, interior decoration, promotional merchandise and much more. 

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Products 21

Texart RT-640

Developed specifically for dye sublimation, the Texart RT-640 provides superb quality, vivid colouring and highly stable performance. The RT-640 can add value to your business through a wide range of applications including apparel, signs, interior décor, fashion and original goods.   

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Products 22

Texart CS-64

The Texart CS-64 calender is a professional heat transfer system that is fast, affordable and easy to use, making it a perfect finishing partner for the Texart sublimation printers.

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Products 23

VersaUV LEC series

The VersaUV LEC-540 and LEC-330 combine LED-UV printing with cutting. They deliver outstanding print quality on the widest range of materials. The prints dry instantly and can therefore be processed directly.

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Products 24

VersaCAMM VS-i series

The VS-i has everything you love in the VersaCAMM, and more. We kept everything users appreciate in the VersaCAMM, and have added what you still want. Examples are the latest print head technology, faster drying, new ECO-SOL MAX ink in white, metallic and light black.

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Products 25

STIKA series

The STIKA series comprises three user-friendly cutters that fit on any desk and worktable. Thanks to the excellent price/quality ratio, anyone can cut out stickers, heat transfers and signs. 

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Products 26


The ultimate in ease, material flexibility and unattended production, the DWX-52DCi dental milling machine expands your laboratory’s productivity and profit.

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Products 27


Reliable, compact, precise and affordable, the DWX-52D 5-axis digital dental mill offers better disc handling, greater material capabilities, improved tool management and other enhanced features for even better efficiency.


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Products 28

Ergosoft Roland Edition

ErgoSoft Roland Edition, our new RIP-software, was developed especially for Roland by ErgoSoft, the premier RIP provider in the textile printing industry

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Products 29

Roland PrintStudio by Caldera

Roland PrintStudio by Caldera, the powerful RIP and print-management software designed for Mac OS users that works with Roland printers.

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Products 30

Etch Glass Vinyl Polymeer

Roland Etch Glass Vinyl is a translucent polymer film for creating decorative prints on glass with an attractive silver effect.

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Products 31

Frontlit Banner

The Roland Frontlit Banner is a 550-gram, matte, PVC banner with a multitude of uses and an excellent price-to-quality ratio.

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Products 32

EJ Ink

EJ Ink are formulated to be used with Roland’s SOLJET EJ-640. They offer brilliant color and rugged scratch resistance.

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Products 33


The DWX-4W is a wet grinding unit for dental applications that will soon be available. It quickly and easily mills popular glass ceramic and composite resins with precision and reliability.

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Products 34


The DWX-51D is designed for effortless, precision production of dental prosthetics from copings, crowns and bridges to inlays, onlays and abutments, etc.

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Products 35

VersaUV LEF-200

The VersaUV LEF-200 fits into any studio, workshop or retail environment, and offers a versatile solution for printing directly onto virtually any item, with incredible detail and stunning colour.

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Products 36

TrueVIS True Print & Cut without compromise

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Products 37

Transfer Print Soft (Matt)

Transfer Print Soft (Matt) by Roland DG is an extremely thin and stretchable flex with which you can create beautiful heat transfers for cotton, polyester and Lycra. It is ideal for sportswear, promotional clothing and advertising materials, among others.

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Products 38

VersaUV LEF-12i

The VersaUV LEF-12i is an affordable solution for businesses wanting to get started in the fast-growing market for personalised print and bespoke goods and services.

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Products 39

TrueVIS True Print & Cut Without Compromise

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Products 40

TrueVIS Ink

TrueVIS Ink.

The future of ink is available in convenient 500 cc pouches. A major step forward in eco-solvent technology.



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Products 41

Buy a Roland machine and choose one of our promotions on top!

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Products 42


The MDX-50 CNC mill is an ideal stand-alone modelling solution for the production of short runs, prototypes and pre-production modelsa and final samples. The MDX-50 is also is an effective complementary technology to 3D printing.

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Products 43

Roland Hero Hub

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Products 44

Roland Hero Prizes

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Products 45

Roland Hero Latest Heroes

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Products 46

Roland FESPA 2018

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Products 47


ECO-SOL MAX is our super popular ink for indoor and outdoor use.

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Products 48


ECO-UV ink guarantees high density printing in a wide range of colours. The ink remains flexible after printing so that it does not crack when the printed material bends or stretches.

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Products 49

Monomeric Vinyl Gloss

Roland Monomeric Vinyl is ideal for prints with a short lifespan on flat surfaces. Perfectly suited to promotional applications on glass, steel, aluminium, PVC and many other materials.

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Products 50

EGX PRO series

The EGX-600 and EGX-400 are engravers of considerable size, power and speed. They can engrave at up to 100 mm/second and can process various materials such as wood, plastics and light metals.

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Products 51


SubliStop is a flex with which you create beautiful heat transfers on sublimated fabrics. The special structure of SubliStop makes sure the colour of the fabric does not show through the flex.

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Products 52

Textile Heat Transfer

Textile Heat Transfer has already been the standard flex from Roland DG for years. You can use it to create heat transfers for cotton and polyester. It is highly suitable for darker fabrics.

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Products 53

Sublimation paper

Roland DG sublimation paper is an extremely versatile fast-drying transfer paper of 95 g/m² that can be used in a large number of applications.  

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Products 54

Display textile

Roland Display Textile 210 is an opaque white material of 100% polyester, suitable for sublimation. The fabric is tear resistant and does not fray on cutting or snipping.

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Products 55

monoFab ARM-10

The ARM-10 is Roland's first-ever 3D printer. It is the ideal machine for making prototypes for the testing of a design or a complex shape. With this machine, product developers, designers and engineers can develop tangible examples of their ideas in a quick and simple manner. Of course, keen hobbyists can also quickly learn the tricks of the trade.

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Products 56


The Roland VersaWorks RIP software is designed exclusively for use with Roland DG printer and printer/cutter technology. This Adobe® Postscript based engine offers your business a powerful production tool.

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Products 57

monoFab SRM-20

The SRM-20 is Roland’s latest generation desktop milling machine for the office, studio and educational environment. The SRM-20 incorporates innovative features, which result is higher milling precision, speed and ease of use.

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Products 58

Protection paper

The Roland DG protection paper is a 22 grams cellulose paper that ensures optimal transfer of the ink onto the textile during the sublimation process. It also protects the belt of your calender against ink.  

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Products 59


ECO-SOL MAX2 is Roland's secondgeneration of eco-solvent ink. The ink has a wide colour range, it is extremely stable and it dries quickly. The density of this ink is very good, which means that ink consumption is limited.

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Products 60

Transfer tape

Use the Roland Transfer Tape in combination with our heat transfer materials. The clear tape allows you to accurately place the image on the garment.

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Products 61

Polymeric Vinyl Gloss

Roland Polymeric Vinyl Gloss is perfectly suited for prints with a medium to long life. It is suitable for application on vehicles, glass, steel, aluminium and many other base surfaces.

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Products 62

Polymeric Vinyl Gloss Airfree

With Roland Polymeric Vinyl Gloss Airfree, air bubbles are now a thing of past. Air is distributed via the micro-structured channels in the adhesive layer. Easy application is assured!


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Products 63


The EGX-350 can make beautiful engravings on various materials. Examples are plastic, aluminium, copper and wood. The EGX-350 is versatile and user friendly and engraves signs, nameplates, lighters, cups and gifts, among others.

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Products 64

Polymeric Laminate Gloss

Roland Polymeric Laminate Gloss protects your prints from UV radiation and improves scratch resistance. Use it in combination with the Polymeric Vinyl from Roland DG.

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Products 65


The EGX-30A is a compact, affordable and user-friendly engraving machine that is particularly interesting for companies and shops that wish to do their own engraving. This unit can engrave badges, nameplates, gifts and awards, among others, in plastics and wood.

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Products 66

Polymeric Vinyl High-Tack

Use Roland Polymeric Vinyl High-Tack on carriers with low surface tension, such as ABS plastic, brick, concrete and rough surfaces.

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Products 67


Give your sign business an extra boost with an easy-to-use Digital Signage system.

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Products 68


The VersaSTUDIO BN-20 is the smallest printer in our range. Despite its compact design, this desktop printer is extremely versatile. You can use it with white or metallic silver ink.

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Products 69

Polymeric Vinyl Ultra Clear

Roland Vinyl Ultra Clear is specially designed for creating crystal clear window prints.

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Products 70

Heavy-Duty Laminate

Roland Heavy-Duty Laminate is an over laminate for prints that require extra protection against mechanical damage. It is ideal for applying to dirt and racing bikes.

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Products 71


Roland GVWG is a white monomeric vinyl with a thickness of 170 microns. A specially developed glossy coating has been applied to the vinyl. It is perfect for indoor applications or short-term outdoor applications on flat surfaces.

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Products 72

Artist Canvas

Roland Artist Canvas is a bright white, PVC-free canvas that renders superior colour reproductions. Use it for stunning interior prints, art reproductions and promotional materials.

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Products 73

Photo Paper Gloss

Roland Photo Paper Gloss is a quick-drying, glossy photo paper. Thanks to its high-quality coating, you can touch this paper immediately after printing. This way you can create the most spectacular photo prints.

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Products 74

Photo Paper Satin

Roland Photo Paper Satin is a quick-drying photo paper with a satin finish. Thanks to its high-quality coating, you can touch this paper immediately after printing. This way you create the most spectacular photo prints.

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Products 75


The MODELA PRO II MDX-540 is our largest and most powerful milling machine. You can use it to create professional prototypes and industrial designs. You can equip the milling machine with an automatic tool changer, a rotary axis and a T-slot table to further increase the milling options.

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Products 76


The MODELA MDX-40A is a compact milling machine with which you can create realistic models, functional prototypes and moulds. The ratio of price and quality is excellent and the machine works very accurately. You can equip the MDX-40A with an optional rotary axis.

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Products 77

VersaUV LEJ-640

The VersaUV LEJ-640 is a UV printer that prints on plate material as well as on rolls. The LEJ-640 delivers excellent print quality on the widest range of materials. The prints dry instantly.

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