2 year warranty on hardware, including print heads

Our ECO-SOL MAX inks have proven their reliability over the years. That is why we offer you a second warranty year on your Roland printer or printer/cutter, if you only use ECO-SOL MAX inks in the machine. We call this the MAX Warranty.

What does MAX Warranty exactly imply?

MAX Warranty is a (limited*) warranty on hardware and print heads, as long as they are within the fixed life term of 6 billion dots each. The warranty does not apply to labour, travelling costs and spare parts that are included in the cost of maintenance. These will be separately charged by your Roland Service Centre.

You need not submit an application for the MAX Warranty. Your Roland Service Centre will be responsible for this, and you can closely monitor everything via myRoland.

What are the terms and conditions?

If you want to avail of MAX Warranty, you must meet certain conditions. You will find them here:

    • You are required to buy your device as well as the ink and spare parts from an authorised Roland dealer.
    • You must strictly comply with the maintenance schedule for your Roland device. This scheme provides for six-monthly maintenance.
      • The maintenance must be carried out by an authorised Roland Service Centre. This Service Centre registers each service on myRoland.
    • Only use ECO -SOL MAX, ECO-SOL MAX2 or ECO-SOL MAX 3 inks in your device. This will be verified in two ways:
      • On the basis of invoices of the authorised Roland dealer.
      • On the basis of the service and history reports of the machine.

    How is it different from Care packages?

    Like the Care packages, MAX Warranty also offers warranty on hardware and print heads. However, Roland Service Centre will separately charge maintenance costs under the MAX Warranty. Care packages cover all the costs relating to maintenance as well as repairs.

    There is also a difference in the term: MAX Warranty provides protection for two years, Care packages have a maturity of three or four years.
    In short, Care packages offer the most extensive protection.

    For more information about Care Packages

    * Limited replacement shall mean print heads that fail within their lifetime will be replaced, provided the defect was not caused by improper use or due to contact with the media.