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    In 1995, the company repro ringel Werkstätten für Farbvision und Kommunikation in Berlin (DE) switched over to Roland printers, and since then they haven't interested in any others. The biggest benefits of Roland printers are their ease-of-use, their print quality, their stability and their limited ink consumption. Business manager, Jochen Hohoff: "Our old HiFi Jets are so stable that after all these years we are still very enthusiastic about them. The decision to expand our business by adding several Roland machines was therefore an obvious one."

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    The Dutch company Deltavorm makes about 1.000 models a year for wine gums, liquorice and other sweets. They use a Roland MDX-540 for the production of proofs for candy stamps. The majority of the production is exported, but the company also has well-known customers in The Netherlands and Belgium. Mentos, Fruitella, Venco and Red Band are examples of the more than 100 candy factories that rely on Deltavorm's craftsmanship.

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    Pixieprint.nl was founded by Rob and Esther Vandenberg. They specialise in photos of pets, more specifically of dogs. They both decided to become professional photographers after having taken photos at dog shows for several years. There seemed to be a lot of demand for good photos of pets. But to distinguish yourself from the competition you need to also work on the presentation of your photo. That is why they decided to purchase their own printer .