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    There was an article in the press about how two adventurers reached the North Cape in a beautifully wrapped Renault Clio, which put C&L Illuminated Lighting from Apeldoorn firmly on the map. C&L printed the stickers with images of wrestling polar bears on a VersaCAMM VS printer/cutter from Roland DG.

  • Multicopy

    The Multicopy office in Eindhoven (Netherlands) has noticed that more and more customers are asking for signage products. The campaign "Made big with Multicopy” ensures that customers not only get their printing but also all large format work done at "The Communication Company". In Eindhoven, Multicopy produces all these signage products on a VersaCAMM SP-540i printer/cutter from Roland DG.

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    Sihl Direct placed the first Texart RT-640 in the Benelux at TMB in Schijndel (NL). Roland DG’s RT-640 new advanced sublimation printer can be used with eight colours, including orange and violet.

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    Next Issue

    Belgian design studio Next Issue has printed an entire city in 3D using the Roland ARM-10 3D printer. The skyscrapers and modern architecture remind one of New York. The buildings have a maximum height of 6 cm and are extremely realistic representations of modern-day buildings. “It's fantastic to see how even the smallest design details are printed with such precision. It also offers a lot of satisfaction to be able to see one's creative fantasies become reality,” says Maarten Bloemen, 3D designer.

  • Racespirit

    Since 1975, artists from all over the world have turned BMW cars into real pieces of art. Amongst them were many well-known artists like Andy Warhol. In 2010, they asked the American artist Jeff Koons to design the 17th BMW Art Car for the 24 hours of Le Mans. For the first time in the history of the Art Car, the designs weren't painted onto the car, but were printed on vinyl. The German company Racespirit made the prints and wrapped the car. They made the prints with a Roland printer/cutter. The result is a truly magnificent race car that seems to be bursting with power and energy.

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    Hiroshi Yasutomi

    I produced an active speaker prototype using the monoFab machines. I used the ARM-10 3D printer to produce the external parts, since these shapes are complex. I used the SRM-20 milling machine to model the cabinet where milling precision as well as selecting the suitable material was required. In this way, I made the most of the respective strengths of the 3D printer and the milling machine.

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    Lufthansa Technik AG

    Lufthansa Technik AG uses a Roland LEC-540 UV printer/cutter to produce labels for use in aircraft. For them, the biggest advantages are the excellent white ink and user friendliness of the device. Lufthansa Technik AG is one of the world’s largest players in the field of aircraft maintenance, repair and inspection. It is a subsidiary of the German Lufthansa AG that employs 26,000 people worldwide. Every day, they inspect 1700 aircraft at 60 different airports. Aside from technical services, Lufthansa Technik also provides Aircraft Painting Services.

  • Letterworks

    From day one, Letterworks in The Hague (NL) has faithfully used the printers and cutters from Roland DG. By now, the VersaUV LEF-20, which they were the first ones ever to buy in The Netherlands, is their 10th Roland machine in a row. The price, quality and reliability are outstanding, according to Letterworks Business Manager, Jeroen De Wilde. “We never have any problems with them,” he confirms.