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    Druk & Print

    "We see a clear market trend towards signage", states Martijn Thijsse from Druk & Print in Sliedrecht (Netherlands). "The volume of traditional digital printing, of flyers for example, has dropped, and margins are under pressure. At the same time, demand for signage is exploding". This was the reason for Druk & Print to reduce its "normal" print capacity, and acquire a machine suitable to sustain its growth ambitions in the sign market, i.e. the VersaUV LEJ-640 from Roland DG.

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    Aufkleberdrucker.de is flying high. In only five years' time, the company has grown into one of the largest online suppliers of stickers in Germany. With a machine fleet of 10 Roland printers, an even greater number of cutters and up to 130 incoming orders per day, the company is running at full speed. And the new online shop, which will open at the beginning of 2016, will provide an extra boost.

  • Arktis

    Arktis, which is based in Rosendahl (Münsterland), is a major Apple Reseller in Germany. The company recently decided to purchase a VersaUV LEF printing system from Roland DG in order to expand its business opportunities. Rainer Wolf, Managing Director of Arktis GmbH since it was established in 1998, was very upbeat about the turnover generated from new products created by the printing system.

  • Bio-Racer

    Bio-Racer, an industry-leading manufacturer of cycling apparel, is discontinuing its use of screen printing and from now will only use digital printers from Roland DG for the personalization of its cycling apparel. According to Bio-Racer, the flexibility, the speed and the reliability of these printers are their three main advantages. Models are also easy to scale up or down for the different sizes and styles needed.

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    The Belgian company Alterface creates and develops interactive cinemas and Dark Rides with 2D and 3D images, special effects, moving seats and shooting systems. With some 60 active attractions throughout the entire world, Alterface is one of the largest names in its sector. For the production of masters and prototypes, Alterface relies on an MDX-40A milling machine from Roland DG. For them the flexibility, speed and cost-savings are the greatest advantages.

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    HGA Sport

    HGA Sport based in Winkel, North Holland, is a wholesaler of engine parts, gears and chains. You would therefore probably not expect to find a Roland printer here, but HGA Sport proves that innovation and a customer focus are crucial to success

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    Advertising printer Hodge in the German city of Schleswig can't complain about its work. The combination of superior customer service and high quality and reliability attracts customers from all over Europe to the company. The machines here run six days per week, often 24 hours per day. It was high time for some efficiency improvements. At Drupa, Hodge owner Michael Marquardt bought a Roland EJ-640 and ended up being the proud owner of one of the first such machines in Europe.

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    Say it with soap

    A company in Jabbeke, Belgium is using soap as a means of communication. Françoise Descheemaeker from "Say it with Soap" uses the Roland EGX-350 engraving machine to personalise all kinds of soaps.