Comprehensive and unambiguous Care packages give you peace of mind

All our machines are extremely reliable and will last for years. We also offer comprehensive Care packages for maintenance and repairs if any. Our Care packages cover all costs associated with maintenance and repair: parts, labour and travelling costs are covered. You should feel totally at ease when you work!

We provide Care packages for our printers (with and without cutting function) and for the MDX-PRO modelling machines.    

Care packages for printers

These Care packages offer a (limited*) warranty on hardware and print heads. You can subscribe to this Care package up to six months after the purchase of your printer. Note that you can only purchase a Care package if you use original Roland inks.

You can sign up for three or four years. If you opt for three years and you later want coverage for a fourth year, you can apply for an extension, but it is cheaper to subscribe for four years immediately.
Additional convenience: Your Roland Service Centre will automatically contact you for service every six months. So you need not worry about this.

Please carefully read our General Terms and Conditions of Sales    

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The prices for the Care packages for your machine will be found on the myRoland site. *** You can easily subscribe to a Care package there.

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* Print heads under ‘limited’ replacements are only replaced if the defect was not caused by incorrect use or by contact with the media.
** Limited replacement means that wear parts will be replaced only if the defect was not caused by wrongful use.
*** The packages will be invoiced annually.