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You can start using VersaWorks right away

All Roland printers and integrated printer/cutters are supplied with VersaWorks software. This is powerful RIP software with features such as Roland Colour (our exclusive spot colour system), MAX Impact Presets for richer colour contrast, the option of printing variable data, and of adjusting the ink level.

The software supports Roland Intelligent Pass Control technology for superb print quality, even at high speeds. Furthermore, the software includes a wide range of layout, editing and printing functions such as nesting, tiling, cropping, scaling and serial production.

Colour libraries

VersaWorks supports the use of the PANTONE colour library. PANTONE spot colours are automatically converted to a CMYK value in a design, and then precisely linked to a colour within the ECO-SOL MAX ink range. This workflow greatly simplifies the search for the right colour.

You can also replace spot colours with a colour of your choice from the Roland Colour System Library. The Library contains over 1,000 standard colours and 512 metallic colours.

Four devices

With VersaWorks, you can control up to four Roland devices from a single computer. The software also supports CAMM-1 cutters. A CAMM-1 cutting plotter can easily cut prints that you make with a Roland printer. The options include cutting contours and perforated cutting (through and through).


VersaWorks is compatible with Windows 2000, XP, Vista, 7 and 8. You can use the software with popular design programs such as Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop, InDesign and CorelDRAW. Roland@NET guarantees you free and automatic access to the latest software versions and ICC profiles. VersaWorks is built on the Adobe PostScript CPSI RIP engine.



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