Applications 1

Commercial prints

Every business - from the small local bakery to large store chains - use window decorations, signs, POP and POS displays, floor graphics, banners, vehicle graphics, posters and more.

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Applications 2

Interior decoration

With Roland’s broad range of digital equipment you can make custom interior items in a profitable way including printed roller-blinds, fabric, lamp shades, fine art, carpets, wall papers and much more.

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Applications 3

Car stickers

Today, advertising agencies and companies are extensively using vehicles for advertising campaigns and branding.

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Toilet sign


Use our large format printers and combined printers/cutters to make high-quality signs.

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Applications 4

Promotional items

With Roland’s digital solutions, creating custom-made and one-off promotional items have never been easier or faster.

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Applications 5

Heat transfers

You can print the colourful design on a material suitable for heat transfer, and cut it out immediately. Then you use a heat press to transfer the print on fabric. You can therefore easily create customized T-shirts, caps, sports...

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Applications 6

Photo products

A growing number of photographers have an inkjet printer with which they create photo products. This does not merely involve canvasses and posters, but also all sorts of gifts and gadgets.

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Wallsticker of a unicorn

Wall stickers

You can use your Roland DG printer/cutter to make superb stickers for inside and outside walls.

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Applications 7


The ultimate award displays a personal message such as a picture of the recipient, a unique engraving or the logo of a certain event. Whether you’d like to customize your awards with engravings, photo impact printing or full...

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Applications 8


Canvas has always been an immensely popular interior decorating material. It is a strong, sustainable material with a high-quality allure.

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Applications 9

Industrial marking

The industry relies heavily on markings on their equipment, be that serial number plates, data plates or identification marking of various medical and industrial tools.

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Applications 10


With a sublimation printer from Roland you can deliver custom sportswear in short runs that will satisfy both athletes and sponsors.

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Applications 11


The Roland DG printers/cutters offer a fast and easy solution for the production of small series and personalized labels.

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Applications 12


Doming applications are made by dripping a crystal-clear resin onto a print. This creates a beautiful three dimensional effect.

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Applications 13

Sublimation prints

Sublimated textiles are popular for soft signage and interior decoration. Sublimation printing is also used for personalizing hard goods from snowboards and skateboards to aluminium displays and traffic signs.

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Applications 14

Functional prototypes

Roland DG's series of milling machines allows you to produce functional prototypes in a fast and easy manner.

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Applications 15

Packaging proofing

The VersaUV allows you to make realistic prototypes and proofs. The prints have the look and feel of the actual product since the VersaUV prints on those materials that are effectively used in production.

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Applications 16

Window tinting

Wherever you find a window that needs sun screening or a painted surface needing protection, there is a profit opportunity waiting.

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Applications 17

POP and POS displays

With the digital printers of Roland DG you can make these professional sales displays quicker and more efficiently.

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Applications 18

Operator control panels

Roland DG UV printers are perfectly suitable for printing operator control panels (touch panels).

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Applications 19

Digital signage

Integrating digital signs with printed output gives you added impact for point-of-sale materials, retail signage, event graphics and a range of other applications.

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Applications 20

Haptic proofs

With the haptic proof, we offer a custom-made solution for the furniture and interior design industries.

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Applications 21

Roll-up banners

With the printers of Roland DG you can make the most attractive roll-ups, with metallic colours if so desired.

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Applications 22


To personalise this workwear it is best to use a Roland DG printer or cutter. With these digital machines it costs as much for making a unique item as for creating a whole set.

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Applications 23

Water slide decals

In water slide decals, the print separates from the film on soaking in water. The print is then affixed on the carrier.

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Applications 24


T-shirts with a self-made drawing, jackets with the picture of a Hollywood star or a pair of jeans with a name in rhinestones; it's all possible with R-Wear.

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Applications 25

Reflecting advertising

Do you want your advertising to be visible day and night? Then reflective foil might offer an interesting solution for you.

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Applications 26


With the Roland wall print transfer material, you can create beautiful murals in a fast and easy manner, without having to use paint. Instead of paint, you use prints to decorate a wall.

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Dental protese

Dental prosthetics

Digital technologies optimise the work of dental laboratories. They also facilitate cooperation between laboratories and dental clinics.

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Applications 27

Jewelry design

The Roland JWX modelling machines allow you to quickly produce detailed wax models for jewelry. Based on your digital design, the machine mills your bracelet, ring, pendant, broche, earring or cuff link in wax.

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