• Increased efficiency

    Roland VersaWorks™ Dual opens up a whole new world of possibilities to print businesses, with the capability to process complex files to streamline tasks and increase efficiency. Intricate design files with elements such as drop shadows and transparencies can be flawlessly reproduced.

    Make printing simple

    With the ability to manage up to four Roland DG devices simultaneously, as well as Full Network Support allowing multiple remote users to access the software, printing high quality products is easy. With support for popular design applications, the RIP process is quick to learn.


  • For the next generation of Roland DG printers

    VersaWorks™ Dual is delivered with recently launched Roland DG printers. It allows for the seamless production of print files. Advanced cropping, tiling and nesting options allow for ultimate creative freedom and the inbuilt simultaneous RIP and print capability makes the software ideal for multi-print workloads.

    Perfect colour matching every time

    Included with VersaWorks™ Dual is Roland DG’s own Roland Color system - which features more than 1,000 spot colours and 512 metallic colours. Accurate, vibrant colour production has never been easier to achieve. Roland Texture Library also offers a full range of luxe 3D effects for users of our VersaUV printer range. 
    VersaWorks also contains a PANTONE® spot colour matching function which automatically converts PANTONE® spot colours in your design file to a CMYK value for colour accurate output.


  • How to use VersaWorks™ new features?

    The VersaWorks™ Dual interface is the same as your trusted VersaWorks™ software, but a number of powerful new functions have been added.

    How to use the new functions?

  • New features for LEF-300

    VersaWorks™ Dual contains four new functions specifically developed for users of the VersaUV LEF-300.

    Read all about the new features

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